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old history 2008

28/Dec/2008 PIERUGO GOBBATO has died:1918-2008(My Stratos)

01/Dec/2008 My Europe Trip 2008(My Stratos)

30/Nov/2008 New Book ! " Tony Fassina"(My Stratos)

30/Nov/2008 Today's Autosport

02/Nov/2008 CG Autumn meeting (My Stratos)

01/Nov/2008 Sandro Munari Collection(My Stratos)

01/Nov/2008 Today's Autosport

27/Oct/2008 Padova Fiar (StratosLand)

04/Oct/2008 Today's Autosport

04/Oct/2008 Lancia Lunch 2008(My Stratos)

15/Aug/2008 Japanese magazine"Navi"(My Stratos)

16/Jul/2008 Today's Autosport

07/Jul/2008 New book IL Rally Valle d'aosta(My Stratos)

22/Jun/2008 Balocco stratos test run(StratosLand)

19/Jun/2008 Italian Magazine "Genteman Driver #40 Stratos Safari" (My Stratos)

03/Jun/2008 Today's Autosport

18/May/2008 Raduno Lancia West Japan (My Stratos)

02/May/2008 New Book"IL Rally Valle d'Aosta"(StratosLand)

30/Apr/2008 Today's Autosport

30/Apr/2008 Flaminia in my Garage(My Stratos)

30/Apr/2008 Car Magazine 360(My Stratos)

28/Mar/2008 MONTE CARLO RALLY The Golden Age 1911-1980(My Stratos)

28/Mar/2008 Mr.Guido Avandero on GENROQ(My Stratos)

21/Mar/2008 Expotecnica Museum in Modena Italy (My Stratos)

16/Mar/2008 Geneva Show(StratosLand)

11/Mar/2008 link Dallra automobili

10/Mar/2008 Mr.Dallara with Mr.Tonti and Mr.Gariboldi(StratosLand)

You can watch Lancia Stratos Members Site without password. from 10/Mar/2008

01/Mar/2008 contact Mr.Thomas,if you are interesting Gearbox for Gr.4 stratos.

01/Mar/2008 Tonti in Japanese Magazine " NAVI"again! (My Stratos)

21/Feb/2008 Today's Autosport(members site)

21/Feb/2008 Ragastas(StratosLand:member site)

15/Feb/2008 Torino Retromobile(StratosLand:member site)

07/Feb/2008 Retromobile (StratosLand:member site)

31/Jan/2008 Tonti in Japanese Magazine " NAVI"(My Stratos)

02/Jan/2008 First Driving on 2008(My Stratos)

01/Jan/2008 A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 !

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