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old history 2007

01/Dec/2007 Ron & Ben MARKS from Australia(member site)

30/Nov/2007 4 Car Magazines(My Stratos)

21/Nov/2007 Boggio Dinner(members site)

21/Nov/2007 update Today's Autosport(members site)

18/Nov/2007 Lancia Lunch 2007(My Stratos)

04/Nov/2007 CG Autumn Meeting in Kobe(My Stratos)

28/Oct/2007 Padova Car Fair(members site)

27/Oct/2007 Dinner with Nicola MATERAZZI in Tokyo(My Stratos)

23/Oct/2007 Stratos DVD from Gentlemen Drivers(My Stratos)

15/Oct/2007 update Today's Autosport (members site)

09/Oct/2007 23 Rallye Historique du Var

27/Spt/2007 update Today's Autosport (members site)

14/Spt/2007 Alberto great run (My Stratos)

07/Spt/2007 Gentlemen Drivers 31(members site)

06/Spt/2007 For sale Stratos DVD movies

04/Spt/2007 For Sale 037 (My Stratos)

04/Spt/2007 Raduno Lancia Stratos in Magazines (My Stratos)

11/Aug/2007 update Today's Autosport (members site)

12/July/2007 For sale Stratos Watch

12/July/2007 Whose painting it this ? (check the top of this page)

05/July/2007 update Today's Autosport (members site)

17/June/2007 Raduno Lancia Stratos Report(more pictures)

16/June/2007 Raduno Lancia Stratos Foto Gallary 1

14/June/2007 Raduno Lancia Stratos Prompy Report 1

11/June/2007 I am enjoy Raduno Lancia Stratos Update soon !

26/May/2007 Newst information of Raduno Lancia Stratos

21/May 2007 For sale Stratos Watch with chassis number (limited)

16/May/2007 update Today's Autosport (members site)

29/Apr/2007 Kochi car museum (My Stratos)

22/Apr/2007 Concorso Lancia Maserati meeting (My Stratos)

10/Apr/2007 update Today's Autosport (members site)

09/Apr/2007 Ruoteclassiche 220 (About Stratos Magazines)

09/Apr/2007 Ruoteclassiche 220 (My Stratos)

06/Apr/2007 Portugal Rally (StratosLand)

01/Apr/2007 Spring Driving (My Stratos)

31/Mar/2007 Thomas Birthday Party (StratosLand)

29/Mar/2007 New Magazine CAR TOP MOOK (My Stratos)

22/Mar/2007 update Today's Autosport (members site)

22/Mar/2007 1/64 scale Lancia models of Kyosho (My Stratos)

16/Mar/2007 1/64 scale Lancia models of CM's (My Stratos)

12/Mar/2007 Bertone Special Key Chain (My Stratos)

11/Mar/2007 Geneva Show pictures on StratosLand (member site)

09/Mar/2007 introduced Raduno Lancia Stratos on TIPO (My Stratos)

07/Mar/2007 Geneva Show 2nd Report on StratosLand (members site)

06/Mar/2007 Bertone New Barchetta on StratosLand (members site)

06/Mar/2007 Geneva Show on StratosLand (members site)

01/Mar/2007 introduced Raduno Lancia Stratos on CAR MAGAZINE 346 (My Stratos)

01/Mar/2007 ZERO replica on Classicar (My Stratos)

21/Feb/2007 Navi.Radaelli on StratosLand (member site)

21/Feb/2007 For sale red Stratos in Italy (My Stratos)

21/Feb/2007 2Stratos Drivers on StratosLand (member site)

20/Feb/2007 update Today's Autosport(members site of S.O.C.)

16/Feb/2007 update StratosLand (members site of S.O.C.)

13/Feb/2007 update StratosLand (members site of S.O.C.)

13/Feb/2007 update New magazine"MotorSpoer"(About Stratos Magazines)

12/Feb/2007 update Today's Autosport (members site of Lancia Stratos Owners Club)

09/Feb/2007 update New magazine "Supersportscar"(About Stratos Magazines)

09/Feb/2007 update New book "Sandro MUNARI"(About Stratos Book)

08/Feb/2007 update Raduno Lancia Stratos (each languages)

01/Feb/2007 update information of Raduno Lancia Stratos 2007

29/Jan/2007 update New book "Lancia Innovation und Faszination (About Stratos Book)

27/Jan/2007 Press conference about "Sandro MUNARI" book (members site of Lancia Stratos Owners Club) by Giorgio Nada Editore Libreria dell'Automobile

23/Jan/2007 update model car by MK Enterprise INC. (My Stratos)

22/Jan/2007 update HPI Racing scaned stratos by laser rays (My Stratos)

19/Jan/2007 update Lancia model :1/64 (My Stratos)

19/Jan/2007 update Today's Autosport (members site of Lancia Stratos Owners Club)

18/Jan/2007 information of NEW BOOK "Sandro MUNARI"

17/Jan/2007 update stratos in magazines (About Stratos)

05/Jan/2007 My First Driving 2007 (My Stratos)

01/Jan/2007 A Happy New Year 2007 !

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